Mr. Robert Barron, Esq.

This is another example of my weird / eccentric, possibly mental illness-spawned sense of humor. One of the hallmarks of my sense of humor is the creation of characters. Like a television sketch comedy show, i have recurring characters that i bring up for certain situations, turns of conversation, political debates, etc. Whenever some discussion arises regarding a seemingly obvious solution to an endemic problem, say for instance single payer healthcare, i tend to trot out this character called Mr. Robert Barron, esq. He’s a fat and balding 19th century Robber Baron (hence the name) dressed in a 3 piece worsted wool suit with a gold pocket chain watch and a monacle, who at the mention of absolutely any form of government intervention in remedy of a social ill, pipes up in a stentorian, patrician baritone: “but... that would be so-see-all-izzum!“ Inevitably when Mr. Robert Barron, esq. speaks out, there are one of three reactions: (1) nervous laughter, (2) sighs of resignation, or (3) enthusiastic nodding. I wonder if any of you have recurring characters, like billy crystal’s “paprikosh” man in “when harry met sally”, or Jerry Seinfeld’s obnoxious “hel-looo!” guy. I have several of these characters that i allow to express themselves from time to time. this may in fact be a coping mechanism of some sort, but i doubt that it is a sign of real mpd because they do not “take over” my consciousness, leaving me with periods of blackout. As far as i know.

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