The month of December has been a very good month for adoptions. We seems to have adopted out a lot of dogs and things are going pretty well for the rescue. But man oh man is it a depressing world when you look at the shelters. Yesterday I went to Richland County Ohio shelter listing on Petfinder. They have 90 dogs! I have been to that shelter, they do not have room for 90 dogs. I was talking to the women that works there last night via email and she said in July they put to sleep 16 dogs in one day. 16! I know that there are just too many dogs and not all of them can be saved but that is a lot of dogs for one shelter to put down in one day. That is just depressing. Dog rescue and really cat rescue is worse, I think is such a pointless war. I mean you aren't ever really going to end or change anything. For every one dog you save some asshole just created an entire litter more and nothing changes it only seems to get worse. I feel like a crazy person... fighting a battle that I will never ever win nor will I ever put a dent in it. And the sick thing is I hear stories from people all the time about how their dog had puppies, how their co-worker is buying a dog, how this person or that person has a dog that isn't fixed. It just isn't going to end, is it? Nothing will ever change will it? The suffering, the killing, the abuse will continue forever...

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