I Have a New Hobby

Was on vacation last week, hanging out with the kids in the mountains, learning new things and just relaxing. While out there, I discovered something that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was introduced to Archery. I had always wanted to give it a try and once I did, I am now hooked. I got my very own compound bow with a case and all the paraphernalia. After 2 days of practicing at the outdoor range last week, I discovered shoulder muscles I didn’t know I had. After practice number 5 this week at an indoor range here in my city, those muscles are super sore now. Left bicep is sore from holding bow, right shoulder is sore from drawing the bow. Going to have to exercise my right bicep and left shoulder with weights to balance things out. Dis is me during my very first time with my new bow (yes it is little) but I have short arms. Had to get a guard for my left forearm as once you hit it with the bow strings, you will want to do everything in your power to avoid doing it again, it smarts big time. I’ve since learned to hold it right to avoid doing that in the first place. I have a bunch more "stuff" on the bow now so it is heavier (as of yesterday) and this weekend I configured some targets at our place so we now have our own outdoor range. I’ve got to start all over again with setting up my bow but I can see lots of practice in my future. I like it!

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