Last Week

Last week was out of control. I barely slept. Seriously! I had a total of 15 hours of sleep in 3 nights. The fund raiser did go really well and we raised a lot of money so hopefully that helps my BBF not stress out since Madde's care is going to cost so much. Not to mention the girl is spending crazy mad money on gas driving to and from the hospital. The dog rescue is going ok. Took in 5 dogs in a week but had a few adopted. I still have dogs that I never thought I would have this long, including a 3 month old GSD puppy. All his siblings were adopted but he is left behind; I know it is because he isn't black and tan but all black. He is a good puppy but definitely needs a family of his own soon! I still have Luke who is now a 6 months old, how the heck I still have that dog is beyond me, he is so good. And cute!

Some of the foster homes are on a break which is good for them, they need to do that so they don't get burned out but stinks for me or really the dogs b/c I can't take in any new ones, I am totally full with 18 dogs at my house. Oh Mr. Crazy has been so quiet since I put up the security cameras. He doesn't come outside and antagonize the dogs. It is so nice to not have to worry about "what he might do next" because well I have him on video tape should he do something and I have proof that I am not doing anything. Because you know you are actually guilty until you prove yourself innocent. And the photo album lady is at it again. She is appealing the judges decision that she isn't owed any money. So, I guess that battle continues. And the people that stole the dog are still harassing me. I really wish people would just go on with their lives.

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