Guilty People get so Angry

In the last few days I have encountered some pretty interesting situations with people. For example my rescue friend received an application and something just didn't sit right with her. She forwarded it to me and said "what do you think about this" I read over the application and you could almost tell the person was trying to "hide" something. She talked about having a kennel run, a puppy house with a tie out but said "it is only used for potty breaks" Hmm why do you need a puppy house for potty breaks? The thing is about applications sometimes you have to read between the lines. There were a few other things on the application as well that just smelled fishy but I won't bore you with those details. Anyway, I told her that I thought the application read like people who have been turned down before and that she should call them and see what they say. Ask them questions like "why do you have a puppy house?" and see if they will give you a neighbor as a reference. That way you can ask the neighbor "was their last puppy tied up outside a lot?". So my rescue friend called them and just talked to them about the daily routine and what activities they planned with the puppy, etc. The people live on farm so lots to do for a puppy. She then asked the applicant, what is the puppy house used for? The women went off she got a huge attitude and starting saying how they take excellent care of their animals. Never really stating what the puppy house was for just immediately getting mad when asked the question.

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