Guilty People get so Angry - Part 2

Clearly you tie dogs up outside unattended. Ok, so that is a no on being approved. Come on people, really? You really think that a legitimate rescue is going to think it is ok to take a dog and tie it up on a chain outside and never talk to it again. If you want something that is more self sufficient and doesn't need as much attention get a cat! Why do people think it is ok to tie a puppy to a puppy house? Why? I don't understand the purpose of having a dog if you just tie it up and walk away. Dogs are socials animals they can not be left alone for days at a time they will become aggressive. Dogs are pack animals and need a pack (for example a family). It makes me crazy. I honestly would rather see a dog dumped on the side of the road to run free to taken to a local kill shelter then put on the end of a chain and left there. I would rather humanely euthanize a dog then see it suffer on a chain. I think there is nothing more cruel then putting a dog on a chain. The dog suffers every day for its entire life. That is horrible.

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