Sorry so Busy

I have been overwhelmed busy between dogs and my friend's baby girl in the hospital. She had brain surgery on thursday and seems to be doing better now. Yesterday she was able to hold her head up and last night she had her first real meal since the accident. Poor thing. I have had a few dogs adopted in the last week which is good but I still have two puppies left. Can't believe it. I guess I need to send out a Grapevine message and see if I can get them placed. I would really like to see them in homes by the weekend. I really wish I had time to do an adoption event but I am overwhelmed with stuff to do until 31'th of december. Between work and Madde and the benefit fundraiser I am barely holding it all together, I am running on fumes. I have open foster homes and no dogs to give them, partly because the ones I have at my house are high energy and won't work in the foster homes I have... There are about 4 dogs at the local pound I want to get, so tempting... maybe I will do that today after work, which means I need to bust my ass to get a bunch of stuff done so I can get the heck out of here early!

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